Various Types of  Diverter Valves You Should Explore

There are distinct types manufacturers of shower diverter valves available for use. Every design is useful and if you want to know which type of valve will work in your bathroom, experts can help you out. In this article, manufacturers will tell you about shower diverter valves and how to pick the best one for your area as per the specifications and requirements.
Benefits of using diverter valves

Shower diverter valves can help in enhancing the available room within the area. These valves maximize the space and offer spacious area. Once you install shower diverter valve, the showerhead can be located above the bathtub. This cuts down the need of installing extra faucets, tiling and piping.

Types of diverter valves available for use

There are three main types of diverter valves and here we will talk about them in detail:

1. Three valve diverter

Three-valve diverter is ideal and best suited with a two-tap faucet. On such faucet, this valve is placed between the taps to deliver water to both the showerhead and bathtub. The hot and cold water taps are turned (each) on so that the water can be mixed to the apt temperature as desired by the user.

2. Two valve diverter

Double valve diverter carries water across the bathtub faucet prior mixing it to the desired temperature. The diverter has two valves; each valve includes an L shape and pressure the water upwards to the arm of shower and to start from the shower head. These valves can be located at the center of a faucet that employs a single dial to adjust temperature. It can be also set in between the taps of a two-tap faucet.

3. Tee diverter valve

It is a single outlet device housed in the bathtub faucet spout. With tee diverter valves, the user will run the water to their desired temperature, prior diver pull arm pulling. This will allow water to emerge from the shower head.

You can find the whole range of Dual Tunnel diverter valves at manufacturer outlet. For more details, kindly talk to diverter valves manufacturers and ask them about their offerings and deals. You may get the desired deal for yourself at the store.


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