Different Types of Air Classifiers and It’s Benefits

There are different air classifiers available in market and they are used for different industrial applications to fulfill different objectives. In this article, we will focus on three major categories and how they are helpful for your business.

1. Gravitational Inertial classifiers

This air classifier uses gravity, air flow and directional changes for precision material cuts from 50 to 200 mesh. With inertial or centrifugal forces, metals are classified into different categories up to 200 mesh. The materials are fed inside through top of the chamber and they start traveling downwards. With the help of air, directional flow of materials get changed up to 120 degree or more.

At the exit phase, classifiers contain fine particles inside it. The particles that are too heavy and light in weight are separated by gravitational force. Now, air passes through curtains of falling particles and cuts down metal into evenly sized particles. The process is completed by eddy current in secondary air stream. The fabric filter is also used for final recovery of particles.

  • This makes sure there are no moving particles within flow stream.
  • Internal lining is made up of ceramic material and generally stronger
  • It reduces loading of materials and eliminates pond settling
  • The maintenance or operating costs has also been minimized to larger extent.
  • It reduces moisture content inside metals and minimizes alpha costs too.
  • The market opportunities have been increased for evenly sized particles.

2. Centrifugal Classifiers

Here centrifugal forces are applied to separate materials up to 100 microns. The drag forces are applied to separate fine particles where heavy particles are discharged through valve and only quality particles are obtained at exit phase. Now secondary air is passed through material to get even sized particles into circulating chamber. Now both air streams enter into cyclone to recover fine particles at the end.

3. Gravitational Industrial Classifiers

These Air classifier manufacturer India are engineered wisely to suit special industry needs where materials is fed from top of the classifier and passed through the chamber. The direction of flow gets changed from horizontal to angularity upwards for separation of particles. The coarse particles would release at the exit valve and fine particles would be recovered at the end.

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Air classification unit used by waste management companies is designed and intended by air classifier manufacturer India to separate the lightest waste components like plastic and paper, from heavier materials.


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